Lara Hatton

Lara Hatton


Lalipop Fit lifestyle was initiated by me, Lara Hatton, in 2014 after being inspired to specialise in my discovered passion: Holistic Wellness. My desire is to inspire others to be conscious of their own mental, physical and emotional wellness and to attend to improving it, no matter what lifestyle you adhere to.

I aim to motivate readers and clients to develop a healthy relationship with food, their own bodies and themselves wholly. Lalipop is not about striving for magazine cover perfection. It’s about authenticity, fulfillment, getting comfortably vulnerable and having a lot of fun!

The Lalipop Fit philosophy emanates:

  • Simplicity, breaking processes down to the basics
  • Using natural, unprocessed ingredients to nourish the body from the inside and out
  • Ridding the mind of clutter, harmful self-talk and anxiety
  • Breaking free from society’s expectations
  • Unapologetically expressing creativity and unique passions

I am a certified personal trainer, with an aim to specialise further in nutrition. I am inspired to constantly keep up with current findings and developments in the world of fitness and wellness, preferring to keep an uncomplicated approach which is easier to get into and maintain. Natural products are always my first choice when it comes to health, beauty and nutrition.

Now at 27 years old, I am a fitness fanatic based in Cape Town, South Africa. I enjoy walks around this beauty city, mainly to keep my mind’s creativity flowing. To maintain my physical health, I enjoy weight training, yoga and delicious clean eating.

Cooking is a passion of mine. I enjoy taking traditional recipes and adapting them to suit my eating philosophy. I always use authentic flavours over shortcuts to prepare meals. Entertaining my own dinner parties is a delight for me. I feel blessed when I am able to provide a enjoyable occasion for guests.

My interests span wider than fitness, but it all makes up the bigger picture of my puzzle. Everything I do contributes to holistic wellness, even kicking back or going wild at times. It all serves a purpose.


Join me on my journey and share yours with me. Together we can continue to grow.

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