How to Recover from a Cheat Meal

      First of all, I hate calling it a 'cheat meal' because that phrase wraps it up in guilt before you even get a chance to enjoy it. I prefer to refer to them as 'treat meals'. Whichever name you like to called them, this little guide will help you get back on the...

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How to Lose Weight without Exercise

The top two reasons why people fail at losing weight: 1. Having the wrong information on what to do to effectively lose weight. 2. Looking for a quick-fix solution that is not sustainable in the long term. Weight loss is not difficult if you take the right...

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How to Grow Long Hair Naturally

I am every hairdresser's nightmare. I have such a huge fear walking into the hairdresser that I arrive ready to defend myself and end up making the hairdresser hesitant to touch my hair at all. This is because I have spent so much time trying to grow long hair. And I...

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Home Workout vs Gym: Where should you Workout?

I cannot recommend anything more than I recommend that everyone incorporates exercise into their weekly routine but not everyone enjoys going to the gym. Exercise is not only great for the body but provides huge benefits to your brain functionality and your mood that...

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Armpit Detox – How to smell great naturally!

Have you ever tried to switch from chemical deodorant to a more natural and safer form of odour control? I have and before I heard of the armpit detox the results disappointed me. I was torn between the use of harmful products that left me feeling fresh compared to...

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