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Every new year comes around and we all hope that with it, a new us will come to life. We dream big and put down massive goals. And then what?

It’s nearing the end of January again and I bet you are already negotiating with yourself the importance of your goals so that you feel less guilty about already failing at your goals.

There’s always next year, right? This year you just weren’t set up to achieve all the great visions you have for yourself, right?

I’m hear to burst your bubble and hold you accountable! Changes do not need a new year, new month or new Monday to be put in place.

Change starts with a decision that you hold yourself up to.

The One Big Reason Why You are Failing at your Goals

There’s one big elephant in the room about goals and New Year’s Resolutions and specifically why so many fail at them: COMPLETE LACK OF ACTION.

It seems to be a trend in human behaviour that we only take action when we feel like it. When we are motivated. Unfortunately by the end of January or the end of a bad Monday, motivation is running dry.

This is where the excuses slip in and you tell yourself you will start again when you feel motivated. Or you tell yourself that it’s obviously not important because you don’t FEEL motivated.

Waiting for the perfect conditions and constant motivation means you are going to fail each and every year over again.

Smaller Reasons Why You are Failing at your Goals

Why you are failing at your goals

Setting Too Many Goals

If you look at all the different aspects of your life and set up to 5 goals for each category, you will have a page with a total of up to 50 goals for the year. That’s overwhelming! Where do you even start?

Setting too many goals sets you up for failing at your goals before you even start to take action. Spread yourself too thin and you are not going to climb in any direction.

Look at the goals you have put down. Analyse each one and what it would take to achieve it. Highlight all the goals you feel strongly about achieving this year and cross out all the goals that would take an overwhelming amount of effort to achieve.

You will be left with the goals that are the most attainable, with the strongest rewards. These are you what you are going to focus on. Make sure to keep it under 10 goals.

Write these in a place you will look at often such as on your mirror, your computer desktop, the front page of your diary etc. This way they are constantly on your mind and you will be able to watch as each one gets ticked off during the year.

Being A Perfectionist

An easy way to give up on all the goals you have set out to achieve is to not acknowledge that you are human. You are not perfect. The road to goal achievement will not be perfect. You will fail along the way and that’s absolutely normal and necessary. Nothing worth achieving is easy.

Whenever you slip up you need to acknowledge it, forgive yourself and get up and try again. One bump in the road doesn’t mean you won’t make it to your destination.

One cheat meal or one day skipped at the gym does not mean you will never lose weight.

Drop your standards on how your goal will be achieved in the perfect way and rather explore all the different (and easier) ways that you could go about it. Embrace your flaws and utilise your strengths.

Not Being Accountable to Yourself

Think back to the goals you set last year. Why did so many of them not work out? I’m sure you can come up with a book full of excuses and you would avoid the truthful answer: YOU FAILED AT TAKING ACTION.

You blame so many other factors or people that are out of your control but the truth is you are just making excuses as to why you weren’t able to execute your plan.

The perfect plan or perfect conditions are not what you need in order to achieve. You just need to take charge and hold YOURSELF accountable. If it is important, then take ownership. If it isn’t, then cross it off the list so that you can focus on the things that are.

Take Action

Why you are failing at your goals | How to achieve your goals | #Goals #GoalSetting #GoalAchievement #Achievement #NewYearsResolutions

How about we switch up the cycle? Instead of waiting for motivation or inspiration to take action, we start right from the first step with action. You can even take action without a plan.

Go to the gym, call up the person you want to get into business with, book a flight and put in the leave at work.

Whatever your goals are, action is the best motivation strategy. Once you put the action into motion, your mind and body start to see and believe the process of achievement.

With every step of action you can start to cross off little steps on the way to your final goal. Feeling these accomplishments boosts your believe in yourself which spurs on even more motivation.

My challenge to you is to take the first step towards each of your big goals this week. Not the first of next month, not next Monday but right now.

Each day tackle one step of each goal so that you get that motion going.

You will be surprised at how quickly you can get the achievement you never believed you were capable of.

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