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Shrink your bloated belly in 3 days using this simple, refreshing recipe | Lose Weight, flat belly, flat abs, shrink belly | #WeightLoss #FlatBelly #GreenJuice #Detox | lalipopfit.comHow are you feeling right now? Does your stomach feel heavy, bloated and uncomfortable? How have you been eating lately? Do you know that you could feel a lot better if you drank a green detox juice in the morning?

I just got back from what feels like the first real holiday I’ve allowed myself in my entire adult life.

After resigning from my job in the hospitality industry which had been taking its toll for almost 9 years, I escaped to Hamburg with my family.

It’s a small, remote town with access along a dirt road, no shopping centres, hardly any cellphone reception but the most stunning setting, on a hill overlooking the beach. All perfect factors for a proper getaway.

The weather didn’t seem to want us outside being active in the sun, so it rained and the wind howled on most of our days there.

The holiday house where we stayed had a beautiful kitchen, where we spent a lot of the time making yummy treats to indulge ourselves.

It was the perfect opportunity to let go of all worries from the demanding real world. I snacked on all the things I wouldn’t usually eat and my sister and I prepared meals that brought back memories of our childhood, including her famous lasagne (of which I could eat a whole pan full!).

The purpose of a holiday is to break the cycle of stress of everyday life, relax and let worries fade away. This is exactly what I needed after so many years in an incredibly stressful working environment.

When I returned to my home in Cape Town, I was completely calm and ready to throw myself into my online business. I climbed on the scale and got a bit of a fright when I realized all my indulging had gained my body 3kg (6.6lbs). I just laughed, knowing I had not been eating according to my values and of course it would catch up to me!

In truth, my stomach felt awful after eating bread everyday and not seeing a vegetable for a week. It was all fun and games at the time but my body was now asking for proper nourishment.

So I immediately restocked my fridge with foods that would make me feel great again. This included the ingredients for a detox green juice that I have used before.

Green Detox Juice

Detoxing is a great way to transition from unhealthy eating habits into making clean eating a way of life. It’s very helpful to get rid of the toxins left behind in your gut from previously eaten junk food. Once you have flushed away the built up toxins using the green detox juice you will lose the bloating you previously had, feel 10x times and feel more energetic. This is the perfect time to jump into new clean eating habits.

This green detox juice is different to a green juice that I would incorporate into my everyday routine. Each ingredient is helpful in flushing out toxins and easing stomach bloating.


  • Cucumber – (Alkalizes digestive tract, flushes toxins, regulates blood pressure)
  • Celery – (Reduces inflammation, protects the liver from toxins, digestive aid)
  • Pineapple – (Flushes toxins, reduces inflammation and bloating, high in fibre)
  • Fresh mint – (Promotes digestion, detoxes the body, cleanses the blood)


  • Chop up a quarter of a cucumber, 1,5 celery stalks (with the leaves), half a cup of pineapple, 2 sprigs of fresh mint, 3 blocks of ice
  • Combine in a high-speed blender until it reaches a smooth consistency
  • Drink in the morning, on an empty stomach for 3 days
  • Don’t eat for an hour to allow it to detox your system


  • Always use fresh ingredients (no canned foods!)
  • This is best used in conjunction with a clean diet. It won’t be effective if you add toxins to your system later in the day.
  • Only use this when you feel that your body needs a cleanse or a boost.
  • I won’t use this everyday because it contains pineapple and I don’t like to add fruit to my daily green juice.

**Please note that this is not a quick weight-loss trick, this is just used to flush the body of toxins. I in no way support unhealthy weight-loss methods and believe fully in nourishing your body the way it asks to be nourished, with regular meals made with whole foods.**

If you struggle to make your own Green Juice everyday look for a quality green juice powder. It will feed your body the nutrients it needs for that extra boost of well-being.

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