The top two reasons why people fail at losing weight:
1. Having the wrong information on what to do to effectively lose weight.
2. Looking for a quick-fix solution that is not sustainable in the long term.
Weight loss is not difficult if you take the right approach and understand your body while working at getting healthier.

The internet is packed full with information about how to lose weight. Lose weight in 7-minutes per day! Burn 1000 calories with this workout! This is all misleading. What if I told you that you can lose weight much more effectively without exercise.

Exercising and ‘burning calories’ is not what contributes to losing the fat you so desperately want to get rid of. Exercise has SO many other benefits, but using it as your weight lose strategy is not going to get you the results you desire.

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Clean eating - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

Why do you Need to Lose Weight?

In order to start you off on your weight loss journey, let’s first think about what caused you to put on weight in the first place. Hint: it’s not because you didn’t do enough burpees.

Can you remember all the times you ate junk, when you knew it was junk and you stuffed your face even though your body wasn’t hungry?

In between eating foods you know aren’t good for your body, you probably felt guilty and tried to reverse it by putting yourself on a strict diet. Diets that deprive the body of nutrition set you up for failure because you have a primal need to eat for energy.

When your body does not have enough energy it goes into panic mode. At your weakest moment you will spiral out and turn to the wrong foods. Then your body will use it to store fat for the next time you starve it.

Why Focus on Losing Weight without Exercise?

Clean eating - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

I see it everyday, all over the internet: “Burn this many calories with this high intensity workout!” This is so misleading because it makes people think that they can eat anything and reverse it with a workout such as that.

Calories in and calories out is not a perfect equation that lets you balance out eating junk with exercising intensely.

Feeding your body and moving your body are two equally important things, but do not equally contribute to weight loss. They serve different purposes.

How Do you Lose Weight without Exercise?

To lose weight and keep it off, in a healthy way, you need to be feeding your body enough. Make sure to keep the quality of the food you eat high, and focused on nourishment.

Let’s go back to the basics and redefine what food is for: Nourishment and energy for your body.

It’s very easy to forget that with all the sugary, salty, moreish foods available everywhere we look. These have been processed so they are difficult to resist, but have little-to-none actual nutritional value.

I’m not saying you can never eat these foods again, but they cannot be the focus of your eating habits.

Start with the Basics

stop calorie restrictions - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

To go completely against what most weight loss programs say I’m going to start by saying:

STOP RESTRICTING CALORIES!!! Make sure you are eating enough!

The best habit to start today (or tomorrow, depending on the time right now) is to eat breakfast within half an hour of waking up.

When you feed your body at the right times, it utilises the energy you are supplying it with and your whole body and mind can function more effectively.

Breakfast can be a difficult one. Your body has been fasting overnight and needs to be supercharged for the day. Fueling your body with a good dose of protein in the morning kickstarts your body’s process of ridding the excess weight immediately.

If you are the kind of person who can’t stand the thought of food in the morning, there is an easy way to get around this. Scoop a plain protein powder into some water and shake it up. Consume this upon waking and then continue with your normal morning routine.

Continuing through the Day

Clean eating - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

After giving your body a early morning boost of energy, continue to eat approximately every 4 hours. This gives your body adequate energy throughout the day and feeds it before it gets anxious for food.

Develop a good relationship with your body so that you know when and what it wants to eat. Then you can anticipate it and feed it proactively. This keeps your metabolism up and the body is able to utilise energy to function in a prime state.

As soon as I started eating more regularly, I found my brain to be more on the ball, I didn’t hit low-energy slumps and I easily got back down to my healthiest weight.

If you are feeling hungry between meals, up your intake of the nourishing foods that your body is asking for.

The basis of your meals should be clean protein (no processed meats, no crumbs, not deep fried) with vegetables of your choice and occasionally some starch such as rice, sweet potatoes or quinoa. Switch it up to keep it from getting boring. If you need any meal ideas head over to my recipes for delicious, clean recipes.

Don’t be afraid of fats! I always use butter to cook. Add avocado or other healthy fats into your meals daily.

An example of my day:

Clean eating - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

7:00 AM – Wake up, drink 20-30g of clean protein in a shake
8:00 AM – Drink Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil for my brain
11:00 AM – Eat scrambled eggs mixed with veg (such as sautéed spinach, mushroom and spring onion)
15:00 PM – Eat lunch of protein (chicken breast or fish), half an avocado with mixed vegetables
19:00 PM – Eat dinner of protein (meat, chicken or fish) with vegetables and sometimes rice or sweet potato

Foods to Avoid:

Clean eating - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

Once you cut out all the junk and start to actually feed your body. This is when your body kicks into weight loss mode. Eat foods that are in their most natural form and cut out the processed foods that are made in a factory.

It may seem difficult at first but once you have trained your mind, you will begin to adapt to find more ways to feed your body real food.

Avoid completely:
  • Anything crumbed or breaded
  • Bread, pasta, couscous, processed grains
  • Cool drink (even sugar-free!)
  • ‘Instant’ foods
  • Fried foods
  • Cookies, chips, candy, cake
  • Pizza, sandwiches, wraps, burgers

Be Prepared for Weight Loss

Clean eating - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

How does this sound so far? Easy enough? If you eat regularly like this every day, you will begin to notice the difference in the first few days because you will be full of energy and the clean foods will rid you of that bloated feeling in your stomach.

But what happens when you are tempted by all those foods you used to eat? Once you get into clean eating, the cravings will subside within a few days and you will be so focused on how great you feel and look that you will be motivated to stick with it.

In those times when you are out and about or things come up that inhibit you from sticking with the eating schedule, you need to be prepared. Meal prepping is very useful if you are serious about losing weight the healthy way.

Prep meatballs, chicken portions or other protein basics and freeze them in portions so that you always have something to grab when you run out of time. Once you know what you should and shouldn’t eat, you will be able to make the best choices at restaurants or parties that won’t throw you off your weight loss plan.

You can usually choose a meal with a protein base and switch the starch out for vegetables. If you order a burger, ask for it without the bun and have some coleslaw on the side.

The Results

Follow this eating plan for 2 weeks and you will rev up your fat-burning engine. Depending on your current lifestyle and body type, you can easily lose 1-3lbs (0.5-1.5kg) per week. Stick to it for a month and you will be down by up to 12lbs (6kg) in just 4 weeks!

If you just have the last few pounds to lose, try incorporating some exercise to give your body some muscular definition. This is the last step towards achieving your dream physique.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you really don’t have to think about strenuous exercise until you are nearing your goal and want to make sure your body is toned.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment below.

Clean eating - How to lose weight without exercise #weightloss #loseweight #cleaneating

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