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5 Daily Success Habits that will skyrocket your life in all areas today | Use these habits in your everyday life to improve it drastically! #HealthyHabits #SuccessHabits #BeSuccessful #Success | Lalipop FitI spend a lot of time learning from people who have been successful in various fields. I listen to podcasts everyday and read about a book per week. It’s easy to pick up on certain habit trends these people share that became essential on their path to success. By adopting these success habits you will set yourself up to follow and thrive like the most successful people in the world.

Adopting these habits will not suddenly ensure a deposit of a million dollars into your bank account but they will give your mind and body the strength and focus to work toward your goals and help you achieve them more efficiently.

You will also become more pleasant for others to be around due to increased contentment and patience. You will find yourself with more physical and mental energy. If you are looking for the silver bullets for success, make sure you have incorporated these habits into your daily routine first. The only next step is taking action towards your goal.

You may have heard them before. You may have ignored them before because they don’t seem direct enough. Integrating them into your daily routine will make EVERYTHING else easier to do. So start here:

5 Success Habits to Adopt


Somewhere between childhood and growing up, we adopt the belief that sleep should be fought against.

Surely it’s meant to be sacrificed if you want to achieve anything?

We force our bodies to push past fatigue because ‘sleep is for the dead’.

The reality is that sleep and rest are necessities for the body. When we deprive ourselves of sleep we turn everything else into a much bigger effort that in should be.

Your brain cannot function at an optimal level without getting its sufficient 6-8 hours of rejuvenation at night.

You know the difference in your performance when you are tired, compared to after getting a full night’s rest.

When you allow yourself the opportunity to have a full restorative sleep, you function at a higher capacity. You will be able to make healthier decisions for yourself such as choosing the best foods to eat.

When your body is low on energy due to lack of sleep you’re more likely to reach for sugary foods.

You also grab more cups of coffee than necessary.

Your brain suddenly forgets what is good for you because you haven’t allowed it all the important healing processes it goes through during all stages of sleep.

You might think that the most successful people in the world got there by working through each night and not allowing themselves to sleep until their goals were reached.

This is a falsehood that will get in the way of your success if you approach it that way.

Success Habits sleep

Prioritising Sleep as Success Habit

If you’ve had bad sleep habits up until now, it’s not to late. You can train your body to get back to a healthy rhythm. A useful tool is the sleep function on the iPhone’s clock app. Or use an activity tracker that provides the same function.

Being an adult means you have to parent yourself! Commit to a realistic bedtime that you can stick to every night. And set the alarm to go off 7-8 hours after your bedtime, depending on what time you need to start your morning.

If there aren’t enough hours in the night you need to adjust your night-time schedule to fit in more sleep. You can give up some screen time for the sake of your success and wellbeing.

I only watch TV on the weekends so that my sleep is prioritised when I need to perform at my best.


A part of striving to accomplish something great is constantly coming up with new ideas and solutions to problems. We begin to spend a lot of time in our heads trying to figure things out. Paradoxically, this can hold us back from achieving at the level we want to because we are so stuck in our thoughts.

It is much easier to perform optimally when you let your thoughts go and your instincts take over. Some call this the ‘flow state’. It is a state in which you can achieve things at a much higher level and afterwards you may even surprise yourself by how you did it.

This is something I have been guilty of whilst building a business. I put myself under pressure to plan things perfectly, when I could rather tap into my flow state and focus on the action.

Do you constantly beat yourself (or others) up over what happened in the past or stress over what is coming in your future?

Thinking about it does not change anything. All it changes is your emotional state, mostly in a negative way.

Meditation can stop this by teaching you to focus on the present moment which is all you have control over.

You are not your thoughts. You are your habits.

Going over everything in your head and having it all worked out perfectly is smart in theory but it means nothing unless you take action. And action does not require thinking. All it takes is a decision.
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Success habits meditation

How to Stop Thinking

This may sound crazy at first but your brain will excel to further heights if you learn to switch it off.

This is not ‘woo-woo’ stuff to connect to a higher power. It has been scientifically proven that meditation changes the structure of your brain.

It has been found that just 8 weeks of meditation practice increases the thickness of the part of the brain responsible for memory, focus, mood regulation and self-awareness; while also decreasing the cell volume in the part of the brain responsible for fear, stress and anxiety.

There are many tools out there that will assist you in starting a meditation practice. And you don’t need to pay a fortune. Find what works for you. There are classes you could take in your community, online courses, or apps like InsightTimer, Headspace and Calm.

Start with 10 minutes a day, first thing when you wake up. It helps to have something to track the habit and your progress. I use the timer on Insight Timer. It’s free to use and also has a huge library of guided meditations.

As you get into it, build up to 20 minute sessions and if you can do this twice a day.

If you can’t even spare 10 minutes to start then I assure you, you need it more than anyone! Make the time.


How many times have you skipped gym because you feel too tired? You had a tough day at work so you deserve to relax rather… And then you go home and sit in front of the TV (eating junk food) instead. Which makes you feel lousy, not satisfied.

It’s a common fight we have with ourselves and one that does not benefit us to win.

Exercise is not a punishment for all the ice-cream you accidentally ate while binging on Game of Thrones.

Exercise is a guilt-free and very powerful de-stressor. Keep it in your toolbox to combat the pressures of everyday life.

Not only does it provide a better way to destress but it also gives your body a counterintuitive boost of energy. Getting your blood and therefore oxygen flowing into all parts of your body that are otherwise stagnant, gives you a refreshing lift.

Revving up your heart rate, even just for 20 minutes, will clear your head because your brain releases endorphins which is the  ‘happiness’ hormone. Life won’t seem as difficult or painful in an otherwise stressful day.

Success habits exercise

Exercise as a Success Habit

Break your unhealthy cycle by teaching your mind to turn to exercise as an energy booster when you’re feeling low.

One way to ensure you will lose motivation quickly is to use exercise as a punishment for what you ate or how you feel about your body.

Use exercise as a weapon rather than something you will search for any lame excuse in order to avoid.

Don’t like running? Pick up some weights and empower yourself by what your body is capable of.

Get bored working out alone? Join a gym class or make a walking/running date with friends after work.

Injured or very unfit? Start slowly. Walk around your block when you get home. Or do aqua aerobics which alleviates pressure from your body.

There are endless ways of incorporating fitness into your daily routine. It doesn’t need to be extreme. It just needs to be effective.

Find the method that you can enjoy, that fits in with your life so that you’re not adding on another battle to your day.


This is where some of those skeptics will disappear. Which is a shame because one of the traits of successful people is being open to trying new things without prejudgement.

We can be so hard on ourselves about not being where we want to be in our lives. Often we forget all the steps we’ve already taken to get us this far.

We need to celebrate each little baby step by showing gratitude towards ourselves and anyone or anything that has helped along the way.

If we constantly focus on what is lacking then all we’ll get in return is inadequacy. The more you appreciate what you have, the more you will have to appreciate.

In order to attract more, you must show appreciation for what you have right now, no matter how insignificant it is compared to the big picture in your head. It all counts.

It’s ok to strive for more, in fact it’s encouraged. But don’t let that take you away from your now. Appreciate every step along the journey. They are all significant.
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success habits gratitude

3 a Day

This is not for anyone or anything else. Just try it out and see what happens.

I learned this from Tim Ferriss, one of the most successful people in my eyes.

Choose a method that works for you, either digital or hard copy. Start a brand new journal or ‘notebook’ on your phone or computer. Set a reminder for the same time every day. I do mine every evening before bed but you can also add it to your morning routine.

Write down 3 things that you feel grateful for at that moment. It doesn’t matter how mundane or small it may seem. This opens your eyes to focus on the positive where you may be stuck in the opposite.

You’ll be amazed to see how many things you can come up with every day. And yes, they MUST be different every day. Make sure you really feel it and focus on saying thank you in that moment. Gratitude is a powerful emotion.

Value Creation

The last habit is about focusing on something outside yourself. This does not apply to health/weight loss but to most other parts of life.

First take care of yourself, using the habits above. You can’t serve anyone else if you are depleted. Once your cup is full, you can apply yourself to influence those around you.

No matter how independent you are, you cannot function without other people. When you’re always focused on what you’re getting out of the situation, you won’t find much fulfilment in what you do.

Focus on creating value for others and you will be in balance and feel more deserving to reap the benefits.

The most successful people got there by creating products or services that are of VALUE to others. When you provide a solution to someone’s wants or needs they will want to compensate you for it.

Focusing on your own wants and expecting things to fall into your lap is going to make the road a lot more windy until you figure out the value you can add to the world.

Success habits value creation

Creating Lasting Value

There are no shortcuts to earning a sustainable profit. Cheating and greed are the quickest ways to make sure you won’t retain success.

Find the value that you have to offer. Don’t limit yourself to a job title someone else created to fit you into. There is something(s) you are naturally talented or knowledgable in that could really influence other people’s lives, whether it is a product you create or a service you have to offer.

The days of picking a career from a list someone created are way gone. The online world breaks down physical barriers and allows you to mould you career to fit the life you choose, while leaving your mark on the world by being a part of its growth.

5 Daily Success Habits that will skyrocket your life in all areas today | Use these habits in your everyday life to improve it drastically! #HealthyHabits #SuccessHabits #BeSuccessful #Success | Lalipop Fit

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